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What it has to offer: 
   - Large table forum configuration
   - Capacity for 22 participants
   - Refreshment area with small refrigerator      and microwave
   - Handicapped accessible restrooms
   - Available for day or evening sessions

   - 6 desktop computers
   - 6 laptops
   - Wifi access for individual laptops 
   - Overhead projector for Power Point,              online, or disk presentation


The E-Center became operational in 2003 and was established to support and strengthen Phillips County. The E-Center has helped to leverage economic development assets of the region with internet connectivity, has assisted with potential workforce, and provided upcoming entrepreneurs with the educational tools and support that they needed. While the initial intent was for the E-Center to support Phillips County, the residents of thirty-one adjacent counties in Kansas and Nebraska have utilized and benefited from the offerings of the E-Center as well, thus creating an additional partnership with our rural neighbors. 

The Entrepreneurial Center is located in the Fischer Building in Phillipsburg, KS and is funded by generous donations from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation in Logan, KS. Phillips County Economic Development and Phillips County Community Foundation.

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