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The Amazing Race of Phillips County is not affiliated with and does not represent the TV show "The Amazing Race", which is owned by CBS. This is not a qualifying event for any other race.

Sunday October 6th, 2019

1:00 pm

Logan, KS

The Amazing Race of Phillips County will generate local matching funds for the Match Your Money Month campaign during October by bringing together sponsors, teams, and individuals throughout Phillips County. The Race consists of 4-member teams competing against one another to complete challenges that will take them on a journey to explore the host community. The winning team will be the first to cross the finish line after all challenges have been completed. Each team will complete the same challenges. 

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The race will be held October 6th in this year's host community of Logan, KS. Teams will begin at the Logan High School football stadium and based on clues, will journey their way around town where they will be presented with a challenge that must be completed to earn a clue to the next destination. The course ends at the Logan City Building. The challenges will be fun and entertaining to watch. Challenges have been adapted to encourage any and all to participate.



As a prize for winning, that team will designate a non-profit in Phillips County to receive a $500 grant for a charitable purpose from Phillips County Community Foundation.

Team Registration

The Race is designed for individuals 12 years and older who are able to engage in activities requiring normal exertion. A team consists of 4 members, and can be all men, women, or a mixed group (only 2 team members between the ages 12 to 18 are allowed per team). These contestants can be co-workers, church members, club members, family members, or individuals. A team will represent its sponsor throughout the race.


                To participate, a team must obtain a sponsorship in the amount of $2,100 -- which will be a donation to PCCF. A sponsor may be a business, individual, or group pooling resources to fund a team.

Each team must provide its own means of transportation.

We invite you to become a sponsor if you are approached by a team, or you may recruit a team of your employees, friends, family or members of an organization.


Registration is OPEN. You may print the registration form, waiver of liability and image release forms. After completion, forms are to be returned to our office at the Fischer Building in downtown Phillipsburg


If you have a team formed but are struggling to find sponsorship, WE CAN HELP!

Please contact our office at 785-540-4110.

Team Registration Form

Waiver and Release Form

Image Release Form

Sponsor Information

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Your sponsorship of $2,100 is tax deductible as a donation to Phillips County Community Foundation (501c3) and must be paid to PCCF during the month of October

  • $2,000 of your Sponsorship goes to the Unrestricted Endowment Fund and $100 as an entry fee for team expenses

  • Investment earnings from the Endowment fund grants to Phillips County non-profits

  • The 4-person team you sponsor will represent you and/or your business to the public

  • The winning team designates a non-profit recipient of a $500 grant from PCCF for a charitable purpose

  • Your name, address, and logo will be used on promotional materials in recognition of your support

  • You have no responsibility for the race event, and you do not assume any liability for the event due to sponsorship

Donor: In lieu of sponsoring a team or joining the campaign as a Community Partner, please become a donor to PCCF during "Match Your Money Month". Your tax deductible donation will be matched (up to $5,000) by grant from the Hansen Foundation, and will become part of the Unrestricted Endowment.

Sponsorship Information

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