Fischer Building
Business Incubation Facility 

History and Information:

The Fischer building started out as a business management complex for the Kansas/Nebraska (KN) gas company.  Upon its headquartered relocation, in the early 1980’s, KN’s complex manager sold the complex to Phillips County Economic Development, Inc (PCED).  PCED, Inc was a for-profit development corporation, which used the facility as a business incubator.  In 2005, with the passage of the economic development sales tax, the economic development office became a county department.  At that time, PCED Inc. gifted the building over to the Phillips County Community Foundation, with hopes that being owned by a non-profit, non-governmental body, would enhance its use and develop the building for recruitment of businesses moving into the area and entrepreneurial businesses created by local and regional individuals who may need start up space.  



The mission of the Fischer building is to provide the following:

- Zoned and business ready property to lease for businesses needing office space to develop in a rural community 

- Provide an economic development catalyst for businesses considering the area
- Encourage businesses growth in rural communities
- Reduce the initial costs of businesses leasing space, as to spur accelerated growth and financial strength, whereby to ultimately transplant these businesses into community when they become available and developed.
- Assist with businesses or organizations which are struggling or need an interim place for their business activities in the short term while adequate space is being sought after, renovated or built in the community.

Building Attributes:

• Multiple Size of Rooms
• Men’s & Women’s restrooms (each floor)
• Freight Elevator
• Conference Rooms for Residents (Small - 15 people & Large – 50+ people)
• Video Conferencing Capabilities 
• Janitorial services for businesses (within reason)
• Trash Pick-up included in sq. ft rental fee
• Sewer, Water, Heating, Electric, Cooling included in sq. ft rental fee
• Vending machines (main level)
• Downstairs of Facility is emergency shelter 
• Secured exterior doors with keyless entry, automatically locked after business hours

• Business advertised on prime front window location

Contact Information:

205 F. Street – P.O. Box 508
Phillipsburg, Kansas  67661

Correspondence Directed to: 
Phillips County Community Foundation
 Board of Directors


Office:  785-540-4110
Fax:  785-540-4111



Emergency After Hours Contact: 785-543-7338